Sponsor a Student Content Type

Global Empowerment Mission’s new website has been such a hit the popular nonprofit decided to keep building new features and pages, now with a custom content type for their sponsor a child program. We created the content type, added the new page, and designed the listing for students.

Global Empowerment Mission

GEM is a disaster relief non-profit. They have been growing in size and stature and needed a new website to replace their wix website. We redesigned, and added dozens of new pages and a few custom post types.

Add Testimonial Page

Michelle at Luxury Logistics came back to us when she needed to add a new page to her website that showcased recent client testimonials.


As part of our rapid web design service, in 3 days we had a fully functional custom e-commerce service, whereby customers could purchase a review lease service.

Septic Maxx

We were hired to help enhance the design of this e-commerce site, moving it towards are cleaner and faster loading site.

Gator Run PTA

Gator Run PTA was a referral, they came to us with 1 major problem, we solved that problem and 5 others with a new e-commerce platform and website.

Media Squad Marketing

For this site we picked a feature rich host, installed the theme and plugins, added the SSL cert and started to figure out a good structure. Together with Media Squad we added additional elements for best user experience. We followed up the original effort with some custom work on the contact forms and integrations with their email system.

Tangy Management

Tangy was looking for a well designed but minimal 2-3 page website, something that conveyed quality and trust, while also working well on mobile. We used HTML CSS and Javascript on this website, for fast load times and simple hosting.

Tape Depot

Tape Depot sells tape online. Originally powered by BigCommerce, the team at Tape Depot wanted more control over the full web stack that powered their e-commerce platform, so we partnered with Solid Server Systems and ValRank to build a new e-commerce website, powered by Woocommerce. We followed up the redesign with various efforts from targeted focus keywords at the product level, to integrating a subscription system.

T Camille

T. Camille is a full-service international event planning and design company who needed a clean and mobile friendly website.

Connect Recovery

Poshtone was tasked with doing something other provides could not do, dive into a backup of an older version of the site, and try and restore the database. We succeeded. Sometimes it just takes years of experience to help a client where others fail.

Tape Jungle

Poshtone can help out on a variety of platforms. Including e-commerce systems like BigCommerce and Shopify. In the case of Tape Jungle, we took a legacy codebase and moved it over to a more modern web stack. We then added features that enhanced the user experience and user interface. At the same time, we fine-tuned their pay per click campaigns. Over a 2 year period of time, TapeJungle.com a 108% increase in sales revenue.