Add Testimonial Page

Michelle at Luxury Logistics came back to us when she needed to add a new page to her website that showcased recent client testimonials.

As part of our rapid web design service, in 3 days we had a fully functional custom e-commerce service, whereby customers could purchase a review lease service.

Aaron Rentfrew

Aaron is a talent entrepreneur with a lot of willpower and drive. His online efforts require a similar level of commitment and quality. Poshtone was asked to design a captivating and compelling website, using images and text provided by the client. Together we drove home the unique service offering for Adventure Coaching with a new website.

We choose a premium theme and got to work creating the menu, sidebar, and structure; then we designed the sliders and page content, everything designed to look good on mobile and desktop.

Media Squad Marketing

For this site we picked a feature rich host, installed the theme and plugins, added the SSL cert and started to figure out a good structure. Together with Media Squad we added additional elements for best user experience. We followed up the original effort with some custom work on the contact forms and integrations with their email system.

Tangy Management

Tangy was looking for a well designed but minimal 2-3 page website, something that conveyed quality and trust, while also working well on mobile. We used HTML CSS and Javascript on this website, for fast load times and simple hosting.

T Camille

T. Camille is a full-service international event planning and design company who needed a clean and mobile friendly website.

Social Exposure Media

Poshtone was asked to breath new life into a legacy website for the Social Media Strategists and Event Planners of Social Exposure Media. We choose a design that combined the sexiness of Miami and Vivid Lifestyle of New York City. After launch, we were then tasked with minor SEO and driving traffic through Google Adwords.


Our own site from 2015, was designed using visual composer, and featured an online shop with web design products available for purchase.


Consulting business for chris, branded change for a year, rolled back into now – site leveraged e-commerce, and SEO to impact rankings in search.

Home Express

Home Express wanted a updated design, later they will request a full rebuild (which we did), but at this time we were tasked with just a clean up. Making the site look and feel more mobile friendly. We kept the existing (legacy) theme, and edited the design custom CSS and HTML.

Av logix

For the Audio Video Service Avlogix Poshtone was asked to create a clean and content-rich marketing Website to showcase a variety of service offerings and capture leads.