Website Review


Our Website Review can be as simple as an email to you with notes on 5-10 suggestions, or as in depth as a full SEO Audit and Multi-Page Written Website Report. The written review is conducted by a human, using technology tools and the wisdom of many years experience is development, design, seo, marketing and system administration.

After you purchase the service we will email you asking for information necessary to perform the website review. More details and example reporting below.



Our Professional Website Audit is both an SEO Audit and a multi-page  Written Website Report.

The SEO Audit will illuminate achievements and challenges from a technical standpoint and serves as a benchmark to grow from.

Your report will include notes and suggestions that cover: Search engine optimization, User Experience, User Interface, HTML edits, Hosting Configuration Changes, Site Speed Scores & any other aspect of your website that we can fit.

Our audit is perfect for those looking to have a professional outline suggesting web & seo effort with the goal of increasing traffic and providing your users with a modern and functional user experience.

The Written Report will include site-specific analysis of on-page & off-page SEO, including:

  • Site SEO scores from multiple vendors (Google, Pingdom, GTMetrix, Webpage Speed Test)
  • Suggestions on how to address current Technical SEO challenges
  • Notes on current SEO strengths
  • Web User Interface enhancement suggestions
  • Web User Experience enhancement suggestions
  • Website load time waterfall analysis and suggestions
  • A list of competitors in your keyword space (with notes on what is working for them)
  • and more.

The result: a Written Report that informs you of where you are in terms of your SEO effort, and where you can do with examples on how to get there.

Your website will be analyzed by Chris, no shortcuts. After a review, Chris will write a report that includes comments on what he saw, with graphics to help point out the challenges. You can use this document as a  “roadmap to better SEO and User Experience”, and also leverage it to perform the suggested edits on your own, hire someone else to help.. or hire us to perform some SEO once, or as suggested ongoing for at least a few weeks.

We offer this service at three levels: mini, regular and advanced. The regular service is suggested for most customers.