New Website:

$500 Starter Package

If you’re looking to launch quickly or don’t have demanding needs, our starter package might be perfect for you. It includes 5 pages, costs $500 and if you communicate well it can be live in 3-7 days.

You provide text and content, we’ll format the pages, create the header and footer, and launch your site on a host of your choice. 

If you’re going to want a more custom look or more enhanced design, we offer a $700 upgrade called Starter Plus.

The $500 Starter Package includes:

  • Pages Up to 5

    Five pages are included, additional pages are $100 each. Every website has a homepage, most add an "about page" and a "contact page". Your other pages can be specific to your business, for example "services" or "request a quote" or "our clients".

  • WordPress Yes

    If you want your site powered by WordPress, it's included

  • Mobile Friendly Yes

    All sites we design will work well on desktop and mobile.

  • Contact Form Yes

    A contact form, with up to 5 text inputs its included

  • Video Embed Yes

    Youtube embeds are included

  • Stock Photos Yes

    Up to 5 stock photos are included, or supply your own

  • Go Live Yes

    We will launch your new site on any web host


  • Additional Page $100

    The foundation effort includes up to 5 pages, if you need more pages, each additional page is $100

  • Initial SEO $300

    Any website looking to gain organic traffic from the search engines should have some initial SEO conducted. This can include HTML Meta tags on primary pages, integration of google analytics, validation with webmaster tools.

  • System Administration $300

    If you need us to migrate your new website to your web host, or edit your DNS settings at the domain level, we change $130 for those services. If you pay for your new design 100% upfront, and are launching a new domain and a new website, we can work off of your your web host directly and waive this fee.

  • Custom Post Type $1000

    Posts and Pages are standard content types that are included with any WordPress or Shopify website, if you need a custom type we can add the new type, then style the list page and single content type pages.

  • E-commerce $1000

    For HTML and WordPress websites, we can add e-commerce features so your site has a shop, with products and checkout.

  • Copywriting $150

    Each page you request copywriting for is $150

  • Map Embed $150
  • Social Feed Embed $300

$1200 Starter Plus

The basic starter package for $500 will meet most needs, but for those who want things to look a specific way, with attention to minor details that require more time, we offer our starter Plus.