WordPress Migration Service

Have a Wordpress website on one web host and want it moved to another? This is the service you need.

Purchase this service, and with your permission, we will access your current website files, folders, and database, back them all up, and transfer to new host.

During the migration process, there might be some downtime, but we stay in contact with you providing you updates and making sure you are aware of any downtime (typically between 20-60 min). This service includes:

  • A full backup of your entire site that we will send to you in zip format.
  • Required edits to the “A Record” or “NS record” in the DNS system so your domain points to the new web servers.
  • Testing and communication with you to manage expectations.


WordPress Migration Service


If you’re looking for a WordPress Migration Service, look no further. We spend a lot of time designing high-quality WordPress websites, but at least a few times a month, we’re asked by clients to move their website from one host to another. So we offer that as a service now.

• backup existing site files ahead of any edits/changes.
• signup for or configure your new host (if required)
• migrate the site files and folders
• migrate the database
• update URLs in the database (if required)
• add host provided SSL certificate, set up for auto-renew.
• edit your domain’s zone file, for the correct A record, and or CNAME record so your website resolves on the new host correctly.


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