Total Web Subscription

From: $180.00 / month

Designed to offer website owners maximum flexibility so we can perform any of our services as needed or as requested.

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Grow your audience with access to all of our services, a little or a lot each month.

Pick a plans based on the the amount of hours you want us to dedicate to your project each month: 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours a month are available.

Blocks of time are in increments at 30 min, which means any request you have will deduct 30 minutes, to maximize the value, you can ask for several changes and we will get as much done as we can within each 30 minutes.

or Graphic Design or Site maintenance. <strong>So what is the Total Subscription Package?</strong>u00a0It’s availability of us to conduct any or all of our services as needed each month. Want to call us and talk for a few minutes about an idea you had for a email marketing campaign

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