SSL Certificate Installation

Our SSL Certificate Installation service is designed for website owners who want to upgrade their current website from a non-secure configuration to a secure one.

After you purchase this service we will communicate with you and your web hosting company and install your certificate. In most cases, your web host will charge you each year for your  SSL cert.



SSL Certificate Installation


Originally only highly sensitive sites (banking, e-commerce, health care..) had SSL certifications, which were required to secure their website’s traffic, but now these SSL certs have become very common especially since Google has indicated that having one is now a ranking factor.

Benefits of an SSL Certificate Installation:

  • Secure websites are a ranking factor of Google, they also send a trust signal to your online visitors which lets them know you care about web security.
  • All websites that accept credit cards require an SSL.
  • It is highly suggested that any website that collects user information also have one.

A secure site is available using the https:// protocol.