Managed Web Content Production and Publication

Website content development for new web pages or posts. 

This is a subscription service. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Sign up for this and send us your content ideas and we help produce a 500 word piece of new content for your website.

From: $100.00 / month

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Managed Web Content Production and Publication

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Website Content Development

As a website owner you often find it demanding of your time to create new content, and for a variety of reasons, you’re looking to hire help to get your content online. That is where we can help. This is our website content development service:

  1. You have an idea for a piece of content and provide us a bit of info.
  2. We turn your idea into a 500 word piece of content.
  3. We target the text in the content to fit the SEO focus keyword.
  4. We post the content to your website and set the SEO meta data based on the target keyword.
  5. We send you an example text/call to action to post to your social channels.
  6. We edit and send a email blast via your mail newsletter system with links back to the new content.

Quality of the Website Content:

Let’s face it, good is sometimes good enough. With a standard quality content development strategy, your not going to incur the costs of trying to develop highly engaging high quality content, nor are you incurring the high costs.

Frequency of the Website Content:

  • Low Frequency: 1 new piece of content a month.
  • Medium Frequency: 2 new piece of content a month.
  • High Frequency: 4 new piece of content a month.

For more details about the frequency of effort please visit the frequency tab.

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